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You add what you want to your cart. Make sure you read the product listings and website carefully.

You will be asked for shipping information. We are not shipping any physical products so you don't need to provide a real address if you don't want to. Make sure your e-mail address is correct for your order confirmation! It's recommended to "log in" and create an account.

Double check the contents of your order then press "continue to confirm your order". After clicking that button you are presented with Payment Information. Choose one then Click "Confirm Order" to finalise.

After afew moments, you will receive an e-mail with your order confirmation along with your order number. Click the messenger icon in the bottom right corner to start.

Once in the chat, you ill be greeted with some options. Select "I have a New Order" and follow the prompts, all instructions are provided in the chat step-by-step.

Sometimes it takes afew seconds to load so please be patient. You can always go to to it directly with this link

You can find the list at the bottom of the page and in the "cart" page when you have something in there! Local bank deposits accepted from Australia, UK, Signapore, New Zealand and all EUR countries!

We are open 24/7! If we are offline for any reason, it will be in the header of the website . The main team operators between 10am to 9pm GMT+7 so if there are any issues such as refunds. You will have to wait until then to sort it.

Treasure miles are was our loyalty program where you would earn points from purchases. Unfortunately, that has been removed so your miles no longer exist.

No we do not issue refunds under normal circumstances. Please check our refund policy

Please send an email to admin@nookstreasures.com telling us your previous experience and how you plan to obtain the items we sell.

No we will not. If you'd like to work for us instead, you can e-mail admin@nookstreasures.com with your resume and a small explanation of how you would fit into the team.

Yes in the future we will

After purchase, we summon you in our game and have your purchase on the floor to pickup! The exact instructions are given in our chat during your order!

For ACNH We will ask for your dodo code or provide you one to pickup. This code can be obtained and entered at the Airport at the south of your game. You need to have it unlocked by playing for a few days.

Once someone flys over, the items are dropped then picked up by you off the floor! If it requires multiple trips that is okay. You will get everything you ordered no matter how many trips it requires.

Our villagers for sale are in the moving out the status, meaning if you have space and you talk to them, they will ask to move to your island.

You will need an empty plot. If you don't have 10 villagers yet. You will need to progress until you have built a campsite then invited the first villager to stay with you. After doing this, Tom Nook will eventually give you the option to "Sell some Land". When you choose this option, he will hand you a housing kit which turns into an empty plot when you place it. Be mindful that if you leave an empty plot overnight, it will usually get filled automatically by a random villager!

If you have 10 villagers already, you will need to kick one of them out to make room. This is random but there are methods which you can do to force a villager to want to leave. After a villager has asked to move out, they will be packing for one day, then the next day the plot will be empty and available. During this day, you can buy and receive villagers who are moving out from our island.

You need to have unlocked it via the Able Sisters. Please check out this guide - https://www.ign.com/wikis/animal-crossing-new-horizons/How_to_Get_More_Custom_Designs Then you need to use a customization kit along with a workbench to change the design!

You will need to buy the Pro Decorating License at the ABD machine in the town hall. Choose Redeem Nook miles -> Pro Decorating License. It will cost you 2000 Nookmiles

Please have a look at our detail instruction in this link here :

How to Change Accent Walls In Animal Crossing New Horizons